Virus Free Air

Virus Free Air (VFA) is the pioneer and specialist in indoor air treatment and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

VFA is committed to innovation and excellence and provides top of the line innovations, technologies, concepts and products to fit market and customer needs.

Our motto is clear: “Clean and Safe air is a right for everyone, everywhere”

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About VFA

Virus Free Air (VFA) is a Dutch innovative technology venture focusing on developing clean, healthy and green technologies in te field of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and filtration. VFA is focused on improving and saving people's lives and protecting the environment through developing and supplying the new generation of air purification and ventilation technologies and techniques by using own patented technologies and methods.

VFA is constantly looking for innovative and environmental friendly solutions to the increasing air quality related problems, all to ensure clean, safe, healthy and comfortable indoor air, everywhere. That’s why VFA is profiled as a HealthTech and CleanTech company.

VFA is an expert in the field of Indoor Air Quality and filtration technologies and hence focuses on air cleaning and disinfection from hazardous airborne contaminants such as: fine particle (e.g dust), diesel and fuel particles (ultrafine particle) and biological airborne contaminants, called bio aerosols, such as bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and others. In addition, we develop diverse technologies for sustainable ventilation for buildings, industries and sensitive infrastructures.

Our Mission:

Improving and Saving People's Lives while Protecting the Environment

Our Motto is:

"Clean and Safe Air is the right for Everyone, Everywhere!"


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The VFA Values

  • We are Responsible to ourselves and also Involved in each other and the world around us.

  • We believe in our own competence and are Open-minded towards other perspectives.

  • We are Ambitious and adventurous in our goals, but Reliable and act based on facts.

Company Roots

Virus Free Air is a growing technology venture, founded in April 2007 as a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Virus Free Air started as a member of the Technostarters group of YES!Delft (the Young Entrepreneurs Society of Delft University of Technology). Because of the special nature of VFA, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) selected VFA to become the 300.000st company in district of “Regio Haaglanden”.

Since its establishment, Virus Free Air has been known for:

  • Unique technology for air purification,
  • State-of the art designs for air purification
  • Professional consulting in the field of air quality
  • Unique integration of technologies for air purification
  • Dedicated service to give a maximum value to the client
  • Clear company quality policy for all employees
  • Clear health and safety policy.

Partners and Sponsors

Virus Free Air joins forces with a number of partners, mainly project based, in order to complete and optimize own value chain and expand company features, expertise and collaboration partners. VFA has also an extensive cooperation with a number of academic and research institutes and organizations on a national and international levels.

Virus Free Air uses its own forces and strengths to develop own technologies and products for a number of purposes and a wide range of market applications. All to offer the optimal and comprehensive solutions to you.

Virus Free Air continuously seeks opportunities and cooperations with strategic partners as specialized players in every segment, in which the final products are designed, manufactured, marketed and serviced.

Due to the innovative nature of VFA and technical orientation, VFA benefits from the cooperation with several official and formal parties, which act as supporting institutes and platforms.

  • YES!Delft: Young Entrepreneurs Society Delft
  • Syntens
  • Enterprise Europe Network
  • AgentshapNL