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VFA is committed to innovation and excellence and provides top of the line innovations, technologies, concepts and products to fit market and customer needs.

Our motto is clear: “Clean and Safe air is a right for everyone, everywhere”

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Innovation - EN M&T: Milieu en Technologie – Environment & Technology

Virus Free Air innovation within this project was focused on the development of highly efficient air purification system for effective removal of particles from the air at work and home. VFA developed own patented Corona Wind Cyclone (CWC) technology. The CWC technology offeres high filtration effieicnt yet with extremly low energy consumption, No by-products and has no disposables such as filters. The CWC technology creates own airflow without the use of any mechnical or moving parts such as fans, which makes the CWC a silent solution.   Project summary Particles in the air are part of the air pollution problem.…

Innovation - EN Landbouw, Natuur en Voedsel (LNV) – Agriculture, nature and Food

“Virus free and fine particulate matter free air in the agricultural sector through a combination of ionization, electronic wind and centrifugal forces”. VFA develops an innovative air purification system for the application in the agricultural sector, mainly poultry farms. Main goal is preventing the spread of viruses and diseases between the animals and protects the environment from the high concentration of fine dust emitted by such facilities. Project summary The LNV project focuses on the development of an air cleaning system for the purpose of a virus free and a fine particulate free environment for the intensive livestock industry through…