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Innovation - EN IMV – Innovatie Maatschappelijk Veiligheid – Innovation Social Safety

12 December 2012

Virus Free Air and partners developed and introduced a unique innovation within the project: “High Efficiency air purification through the use of VFA technologies for the protection of the first responders during incidents”. The focus within the project is innovation, research, technology creation, product development and practical testing. All to protect first responders, ease their work and processes, protect civilians, prevent facility and environmental damage.

Project summary

Within the framework of “The Netherlands an Entrepreneurial Country of Innovation” under the topic Security, the ministries of Defence, Foreign Affairs and Justice have assigned a subsidy through AgentschapNL to Virus Free Air B.V. and her partners for the research and development project: “High Efficiency Air Purification through VFA technology for the protection of first responders during incidents”.

Under the Social Innovation Agenda for Security the focus lies on acting on the site. This project matches the topic “Physical Protection”, in particular “Protection on humans”. Through clean and pure air we offer first responders a secure area in a unsafe environment. The project has started in July 2011 and has been completed at the end of 2012.

Background of the Project

During disasters and terrorist attacks, but also during actions like culls because of veterinary diseases, one of the major treats is the inhalation of (toxic)particles, biological agents and harmful gasses or damps. This treat applies surely to first responders who are moving towards the treat, but also to civilians near the site, like the fire in Moerdijk demonstrated a while ago. There exists nonetheless very few effective protection equipment for first responders.

Objective and Results of the Project

In this project VFA has, with the aid of her partners, developed an innovative, modular and very efficient air cleaner with the purpose to protect first responders during disasters, terrorist attacks and culls because of veterinary diseases. The technology is based on a patented invention of Virus Free Air. The innovative air cleaner of VFA is an innovative, modular built air filtration unit. This air filtration unit can be a mobile system, but can also be an integrated component in a vehicle. Also the VFA system is applicable as actual physical protection of first responders and civilians in the following situations:

  1. Protection in a vehicle (as temporarily consultation area or protection of local troops)
  2. Protection in a temporarily claimed area (where troops can rest, eat and consult)
  3. Protection in an area for civilians for who evacuation is not considered feasible (a supported form of self-reliance)


This project consists of a cooperation of different parties who are selected on their particular field of expertise. The combined expertises covers the field of air purification techniques, disasters, defence and security.

The partners are:

  • Virus Free Air B.V. 
  • Protcons,
  • Hey Luchttechniek B.V.
  • Enjoin Consulting
  • Vosselman Bedrijfsopleiding B.V.

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