Virus Free Air is an innovative technology venture with wide high level expertise, strengths, know-how and experience.

VFA develops own technologies, yet always seeking out promising technologies and innovation for integrating or optimization purposes.

The VFA core innovations are focused on 4 fields for healthy indoor environment:

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Gas purification or Removal

Gas purification or Removal

Production processes, materials and even our bodies emit certain chemicals and vapours. These can be defined as undesired smells or toxic gases. Such gaseous compounds can have negative impact on health, comfort, safety and environment.

Among the most common gaseous contaminants are volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), ammonia as well as nitrogen and Sulphur Oxides. Most types of gaseous contaminant can be removed by gas filtration. Depending on the precise situation, a specialized absorption system may be required to achieve optimum removal.

For most VOCs, standard activated carbon shows a high removal rate and capacity. That is why Activated carbon is normally the standard choice of engineers and installation companies. Yet some compounds cannot be removed by standard activated carbon but require a specially impregnated or functionalized activated carbon to enhance removal efficiency. VFA has first-hand knowledge on choosing the most appropriate absorption bed or a combination thereof for complex gas mixtures.

Hands-on engineering

VFA is a hands-on engineering firm with wide experience and know-how in gas removal and air purification, therefore VFA offers you:

  • VFA gas removal technologies and products
  • Engineering and customizing special gas removal systems to meet your needs
  • Assistance in making an adequate technology choice to solve your specific problem.

USP’s of VFA gas filtrations:

  • Effectivity
  • Long life time (compared to alternatives)
  • Suitable for application and infrastructure

Moreover, VFA supplied unique activated gas adsorption filters of a special open structure, which cause a substantially lower pressure drop; and thus VFA special gas filters offer lower energy consumption and operational costs compared to conventional activated carbon filters available in the market.