Virus Free Air is an innovative technology venture with wide high level expertise, strengths, know-how and experience.

VFA develops own technologies, yet always seeking out promising technologies and innovation for integrating or optimization purposes.

The VFA core innovations are focused on 4 fields for healthy indoor environment:

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Mechanical ventilation systems in buildings, mostly the large ones, are designed and operated to supply the building with fresh air and discharge the high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the outdoors. Recent systems are multifunctional and are designed also to heat and cool the air, and in some cases not only to draw fresh air in but also re-circulate the air throughout the building.

If the mechanical ventilation system, disregarding type, functionalities and features, is poorly designed, operated or maintained, this ventilation system becomes a major source problems in several possible ways.

Poor ventilation can cause diverse air quality issues that affect health, comfort and well-being. Often ventilation is designed to consider only CO2, Relative Humidity levels (%RH) and temperatures, while ignoring air pollutants. Other ventilation systems are designed to have low energy consumption, yet at the expense of air quality.

USP’s of VFA ventilation Concepts:

  • Quality of air is central and leading in systems design and applications
  • Ventilation hand in hand with high air quality
  • Sustainable ventilation
  • Smart ventilation – control system for ventilation upon necessary
  • Effective de-central ventilation where recommended
  • With or without Heat Recovery Systems
  • Customized and adequate ventilation method for building, industrial facilities and confined space.